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21 Things You May Not Know About Karen

21 things about Karen Sievwright

My super talented friend Christina of Christina Louise Photography took this picture of me at a Sexxy Smart Spa party recently.  Here I am goofing around and showing a side only those really close to me usually see. I thought this week I’d open up a bit about who I am and share some things you may or may not know about me. Some of these have led to my path now and others are just fun to look back on.  Yes, there was a younger me at one time. Yet, looking back, I can see I have always been working towards this moment.

So here are 21 things about me!

1.  I married my high school sweetheart.  We met when we were 15 and in Grade 10.

2.  I only recently learned to cook! I did learn the basics, but I grew up baking with my Granny.  I still love baking, however I have had to learn to control and alter what I make as I also love to eat what I bake. My husband is the cook of the family, and he has taught me how to alter things in a recipe because I was too afraid I’d screw up. I admit…I still screw up regularly, but thanks to continued learning I am now making some pretty darn scrumptious things!

3.  I have a thing against pants and shirts that are too short. My pants were always short (flood pants) as were the arm lengths of my shirts because I am tall.  Thanks to the availability of long pants now, I admit I have pants that are too long and drag on the floor.  I refuse to hem them!

4.  The first time I took a Zumba® Fitness class…I didn’t like it at all. In fact, it was a 9 week session, and I didn’t enjoy the first 8 weeks. Because I am very stubborn, Karen's ClassesI stuck with it and on the very last class, I decided I wanted to teach it! I fell in love :). I realized I was getting so hung up on doing things perfectly, worrying about coordination, and having two left feet, I forgot to let go and be in the moment. My lesson here…never give up. Now I operate and teach high energy, laugh-out-loud classes in Stony Plain & Parkland County in Alberta.

5. I watch very little TV or movies. I believe in living life not watching someone else’s. Here’s my confession… I am addicted to Coronation Street and have a PVR just so I don’t miss an episode! I can record it and watch whenever I feel like it.  Shhhh… I am also a Star Trek geek, but I’m all about Star Wars too.

6.  My biggest weakness is wine & Peanut M&M’s. I love both! Although they are still my preferred treat, I was able to get through the 4-storey M&M store in Vegas and not buy a thing…twice!

7.  I decided to take Taekwon-Do because I always wanted to be able to kick butt like Buffy the Vampire Slayer! I was 32 when I started in martial arts and was beyond scared. It is one of the best things I ever did because I am stronger, more confident, and have met lifelong friends. Now, I am a Black Belt. Do something that scares you!

8. I had terrible skin.  No really… as in poster child, or should I say adult (there was a poster to prove it at one time).  In my late 20’s my skin was seriously messed up!! Between hormone changes, poor unbalanced diet, lack of water, a stressful job, and babies, I looked a mess. No amount of makeup could hide it.  Sure I still get a zit from time to time, but I have no problem going make up free.  OK, almost make up free… a little eyeliner and mascara never hurts 😉

9.  I have an autoimmune disease.  Just like so many others, I developed a life-changing disease in my late 20’s, Ulcerative Colitis, but unlike most, I decided I am the one holding the cards.  You can either walk around wearing a big ol’ sign telling the world your woes or you can take charge and create your destiny.  I give gratitude for my diagnosis. It was the defining moment for me that changed who I am, the way I look at wellness, the direction I have gone with my life, and the example I set for my 3 children.

10.  I take my high quality nutritional supplements religiously. For me this is not a “when I remember” kinda thing. It’s every day for life.

11.  I am a vegetarian. As I kid I never really liked meat and I didn’t grow out of it.  I have never looked back.

12.  I have zero dance background and very little musical abilities. I hear people say they don’t know how to dance and have no rhythm so they won’t try something like Zumba®. How do you know unless you go for it? I don’t hear beats in a song like most people, I don’t count like a dancer, and I am the Queen of two left feet. I let go of all of that and decided to have fun! Lesson…stop making excuses and do something.

13. I was born to be an entrepreneur. As a kid I use to raise lop-eared dwarf bunnies and sell them to pet stores and private customers.  I moved on to Himalayan Cats as a teen.

14. The entrepreneur in me is here to stay.  The thought of working for someone else makes me feel ill.  I’ve done my time or should I say traded my time for money while working for someone else.  Now, I do it my way. But the most amazing, brilliant part is helping others reach their potential as they create their own wellness businesses that are authentically them.

15. Type A… that’s me! I’ve learned to embrace this, use the strengths it provides, and with a lot of practice, start to relax and chill.

16. The first time I went to meditation, I was completely freaked out.  I had an idea in my head about what meditation was.  It was one of the most amazing experiences and now it’s a key part of my wellness routine.

17. I learned to drive in an old 1967 GMC 1-ton truck.  It was me, an open field, and my Dad.  To this day, I prefer to drive a stick shift, but that’s not Trucksomething I would have said when I was 13 and rolled the GMC backwards down a hill in the field into a wild Saskatoon tree.  Thanks to the age of the truck and its bounty of previously existing bumps and bruises, I kept that a secret from my Dad for years!  I did learn never to park on a hill in neutral, and how to remove all evidence by getting every scrap of tree branches out of the truck!

18. I love audio books!  I’m one of those people who are always on the go and don’t really sit for anything.  When I sit to read, I get two pages in and fall asleep.  It’s crazy! Audio books kick ass in my world.

19.  I am a very big believer in intention and affirmation. I am not perfect at this, believe me. But since I began learning about how they work, things in my life started to change for the better. Our thoughts are powerful and they determine positive and negative outcomes. I use them for all kind of things in my life.

20.  I have a vision board in my bedroom of all the things I want to accomplish.  I can successful say I done over half of the things on there! It has become real.  I’m ready to make a new one and continue the exciting journey.

21.  I believe there is something new to learn every day, and we should be in a mode of continual growth. Mind, body, and spirit! Give gratitude!!!

So there you go. Some things about me. We all have our quirks, indulgences, and passions. It’s about balance, practice, and never give up! Love and live your life. Create your world!





p.s.  What are some of the things people maybe don’t know about you?  How have they positively shaped who you are today? Share in the comments a blast from your past or a tell me something others maybe never knew about you.

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  1. Cheryl Fraietta says:

    I haven’t attended your Zumba class yet
    but I sure would love too!! I appreciate your
    honesty I think it’s great when people who
    are in any field of business and you being
    involved in Zumba(R) Fitness let people know
    you have challenges like all the rest of us
    Thank you very much I can’t wait to try your
    Class thanks!

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