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5 summer tips for hot, healthy skin

5 tips for hot healthy summer skin


I am no stranger to skin troubles. It’s been a reoccurring issue since my teenage years and at times plagues me in my adult life.

So when someone says, “you are looking hot!!!”, it makes my day. Who doesn’t love to hear that?

Summer means cute tops, adorable shorts, and skin that glows.

When you live in a place that has 6 months of winter, like I do, summer is a haven to treasure.

If the weather is nice… it’s all things outside!

During the glorious summer months, it is not the time to neglect our bodies largest organ – the skin.

Here are 5 tips to help keep that skin looking hot and healthy all summer long (and all the time).

1. Up your H20
You’ve heard it hundreds of times. Drink more water. As a society, we are very dehydrated. A diet full of juicy fruits and water dense veggies, such as cucumbers, are not only providing your body with vitamins and minerals, but extra hydration as well. I like to go for at least 2-3 liters of water per day especially when the temps are high.

2. Get your beauty sleep
When skies are light until late and evenings are hot, it can be a challenge to sleep.  Our beauty rest gives skin time to rejuvenate and build new cells. It’s a lot of work to do in 7-8 hours. Install some black out curtains, and if you don’t have central air, invest in good fan to cool down. Even during the summer months, stick to the same bed time schedule. This was one tip that helped me tremendously!

3. Take your Vitamins
Vitamins and minerals provide essential nutrients the body needs to fill in those gaps and help keep us healthy and energized. Taking care of our body, with high quality supplements, at the cellular level, not only helps the way we feel on the inside, but how we look on the outside. Don’t forget, the skin, just like everything else in the body, is made up of cells. Healthy cells, healthy skin.

4. Protect yourself from the sun’s mean streak
How I long for the sun and to feel the warmth of her rays, but the trade off is protecting my skin from her mean side…those harmful UVA and UVB rays. Every day, not just the summer, protect your skin from the damage the sun causes to even the healthiest skin. Summer or winter, protect, protect, protect. I wear a day cream with protection on my face and neck every single day, and sunscreen the rest of me if I’ll be out in the sun. Plus I look super cute in my big beach hat, which shades me perfectly.

5. Cut down on the guilty pleasures
Excess sugar, caffeine, and alcohol can play havoc with our systems. During the summer months thanks to cool treats, iced drink, and summer slushy patio beverages, we may enjoy a little too much. Be mindful of how much is being consumed and have healthy alternatives on hand. You’d be amazed how refreshing a cool jug of fruit water infused with fruit is. All those guilty pleasures need to filter through our liver and if the liver is overloaded, it may show in our skin.

Love your skin, your body’s first line of defense…. protect it as it does you.


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