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Natural Fruit Fly Trap

I have really had enough of the insane little flies that invade my home when August comes around.  They are very annoying. I move the fresh bananas, they come flying out… I open the garbage can, there they are… I sit down to read a book, they fly around my head buzzing at my ears. I […]

Stock your pantry with these items

How many times have you found the most amazing recipe, gone to your cupboard only to find you are missing key ingredients? What drives me batty is when basic, must-haves for healthy eating are not stocked in the cupboard! It makes me twitch. Do you know what staples to always have on hand? Which ones […]

Natural Aphid Repellent

I don’t have a big gardens, just a few rock gardens, perennials, and containers. I made a change to downsize gardening chores because my lifestyle is so busy that they were becoming a burden rather than enjoyable. Now I have just enough that I can manage and still feel like I have glorious summer plants. […]

Natural Weed Treatment – Chemical Free

Maybe you can relate to this…. As much as I would love to have beautiful flowers and gardens, I am way too busy to be dealing with the high maintenance a garden brings. I am content with simple rock gardens, a few potted plants, and easy perennials. What I am not content with is weeds! […]

Is it Just Me? Water Bottles are a Pain in the Ass to Store

Does anyone else have this challenge?  We are complete supporters of BPA free, reusable water bottles. They save money and help the environment. Having a bottle close is a reminder to keep sipping all day. Yet they are the biggest pain in the ass to store! I’m always reminding (a.k.a harping) on my kids the importance of […]