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Me better than I could ever imagine

  My guest blogger, Sandi, has powerful story and she’s sharing with you. Once upon a time there was a woman named Sandi. She was always sick, over weight, and overall not happy. That woman was me. I couldn’t lose weight, didn’t have a lot of friends I could trust, and it seemed I couldn’t […]

How to move on when someone screws you over

Someone owes me money. Almost $1000 actually. Truthfully, I’ll probably never see the money. Yeah, I got screwed me over. When I first was becoming established as a Zumba instructor, I taught for a couple of other places to gain experience and build clientele. I always had my own classes, but when you are new, […]

Small chested and fabulous

I bought a new bra the other day. Six bras actually. Why is this significant? Because they were hot as hell bras! Look, I’m a small chested gal. Always have been. I dread bra shopping. There was a time that I was a size B. To me that was the most awesome thing. To walk […]

Moving past mom guilt and into trust

So what happens when you are facilitating an epic weekend all about self care and you end up being the one who has to practice it overtime? You try to hold your sh** together! That’s what. At the annual BeYoutiful Retreat, I consistently received the message of TRUST. Trust is even one of my birth […]

The real lesson from Mark’s tragedy

In March of 2013, I put myself to the test.  Physically, emotionally, mentally… everything. I barely even remember that month. This was the month I was going for my black belt in Taekwon-Do, and I was doing everything I could to make sure I was ready. From what I do recall, I was teaching eight […]

5 Signs You’re Failing at Self Care…Big Time

Congratulations! You are a super mom, Wonder Woman, a career bad-ass working gal. But here is a serious question for you… think before you answer. Are you happy? If you said yes, “I’m 100% happy with my life, my career, I have time for me, I have no stress, and I can do it all”, […]

10 Things I Learned at a Self Care Retreat

For the last few years, I have been part of the most amazing women’s retreat.  It isn’t held anywhere over the top, in 5 star hotel, or even in a tropical paradise.  It is only an hour from my home in Alberta at a little village nestled in the woods.  Yet this spot provides the […]