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What your skin reveals

Sometimes, I wish the window to our inner health wasn’t so darn revealing. I have fought the demon of skin issues for most of my life. When I was younger, I use to think it was my skin that was the problem. After all, that’s what the TV tell you. I’ve had numerous procedures done […]

5 summer tips for hot, healthy skin

  I am no stranger to skin troubles. It’s been a reoccurring issue since my teenage years and at times plagues me in my adult life. So when someone says, “you are looking hot!!!”, it makes my day. Who doesn’t love to hear that? Summer means cute tops, adorable shorts, and skin that glows. When […]

What your nails are telling you

I remember as a teen how my nails would peel in layers.  I could literally peel little scales away from the tips. Plus all those white spots use to drive me crazy. Everyone told me I must hit my nails a lot. Yes, I am totally a klutz so I can see how everyone came […]

Why I’m a vegetarian hypocrite and I’m ok with it.

In a previous blog, I shared the supplements I would never be without.  The nutritionals (vitamins, minerals, etc.) that I make sure I have every day on top of eating well. One of the items I revealed was fish oil. As a vegetarian, that’s a very odd thing to say. Yes, it may seem like […]

The supplements I would never be without

I was asked an interesting question the other day. If I could only take one supplement what would it be? I really had to think about this.  How does one narrow it down? There was a time I didn’t take supplements and then when I started, I took what was most marketed or what was […]

Lacking EFAs? Some skin symptoms that suggest you are

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are just that – essential. Our bodies don’t make EFAs so we need to get them from our food. Particularly these are Omega 3 and Omega 6. Although we need both, it’s the Omega 3s our society is extremely lacking in. Omega 3s help with many things such as inflammation in […]