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One of my biggest mistakes that stole my energy

Last week, I wrote about the one thing I did that really helped me get more sleep.  More sleep means more energy. Hallelujah! Before I ever started to get strict with sleep, there were a few other things I had to completely overhaul. I had to have a good talk with myself and make the […]

The biggest biotch in your life

I’m going to be the one to break it to you. There is probably a real biotch in your life. I’m trying to sound a little nicer by using slang, but feel free to insert the real word, because it’s totally the word I’m using! The thing is this particular biotch is sneaky – acting […]

The Meaning of Christmas

Merry Christmas!! This is such a special time of year.  It means so much to me. The last few years, I have been building my business. From the time my daughter was 9 months old, I decided to become an official full time entrepreneur. I’ve always been entrepreneurial minded… I raised dwarf lop-eared bunnies and […]

5 Things to Avoid this Holiday Season

Tis the season of laughter, joy, and sharing. Along with all the hugs, presents, and delicious festive bevies, some extra unwanted pressure, stress, and unhealthy habits may put a damper on your Christmas Spirit. For may people, an overwhelming sense of guilt after celebrations are all over, consumes them. Ditch the guilt, make smart choices, […]

Confession time… my food vice & what I’m going to do about it

In Canada, we just celebrated a favourite holiday – Thanksgiving. The holiday to be grateful and celebrate the bounty of the season. The food in our house was more than bountiful! OMG!! It’s crazy how much we can pack into one feast and into our stomachs! To all my Canadian friends, I hope you enjoyed […]

Why do so many women feel terrible? What I did to feel great!

There is one common thing I hear from women over and over… I’m so sick of feeling this way. It use to seem so bizarre to me that all these women who looked like they had it all, (you know – successful career, super mom, nice home, beautiful kids, happy all the time, rocking their […]