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Quinoa & Steel-Cut Oat Bake… with berry & banana layers

It wasn’t too long ago that my most requested recipe was my Nut-Free Granola bars… until I posted a Facebook picture of this Quinoa & Steel-Cut Oat Bake with Berry & Banana layers. This dish is so good, your taste buds won’t know if it should be for breakfast or dessert. As a huge lover […]

Delicious Baked Oatmeal… oatmeal will never be the same!

I am a huge breakfast person… not just for health reasons, but it’s simply my favourite meal of the day! My husband and I premake and freeze breakfasts for the kids for school days to make things quick and easy.  When your kids are out the door at 7am to catch the bus, it makes […]

Delicious Quinoa & Spelt Waffles (Gluten Free alternative included)

These are becoming a Saturday morning ritual at our home!  We love them so much, we make a double or triple batch and freeze all the left overs so we have nutritious, fast breakfasts ready to go on busy mornings. They are so simple, tasty, and these are made without dairy or processed sugar! If […]

The Best Quinoa Breakfast Porridge Ever

This has to be one of my favourite breakfasts ever!  I simply love it.  It’s a protein power house that will set your day off to a great start. I’ve made it no secret how much I love quinoa.  Quinoa is actually the seed of a vegetable related to Swish Chard.  It’s naturally gluten free and […]