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Chocolate Raspberry Bars

When you have a sweet tooth, and your favourite kind of cooking is actually baking, it can be an easy trap to make all kinds of sinfully delicious treats. I have worked for years to get my sweet tooth under control by reseting my body and teaching it (and my brain) to get over the […]

Nut-Free Granola Bars

A few weeks ago, I posted a photo on Facebook and Instragram of nut-free granola bars. Every time I post foodie pics, I get requests for recipes, but this one had the most. Seriously, I pass people in the street and they ask when this recipe is coming out. I get why everyone is after it. This […]

Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal Squares

As much as I love to eat as healthy as I can, I still have a bit of a sweet tooth. Thankfully, over the years my sweet tooth has declined, and I enjoy a less sugary dessert so much more than ever before. I love to bake.  I grew up baking with my Granny; however, […]

Dark Chocolate Goji Berry Bites

I love chocolate.  I really do. I was trying to come up with something to give my husband for Valentine’s Day this year, and didn’t want to buy chocolates.  After all, we had just come off of a healthy cleanse.  I really didn’t want to mess with all this awesomeness.  I even instructed him not […]

Pumpkin Spice Granola Bars (Gluten Free)

These granola bars are so delicious!   Even if you are not a fan of pumpkin, give this a try.  I am not a pumpkin pie lover, but these we gobbled. Plus, these little beauties are gluten free and can easily be made vegan.  If gluten is a concern, watch the labels on packages to ensure […]