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Chipotle Mayo Dip

When eating sweet potato fries, one must have Chipotle Mayo.  It just gotta be a law or something. The kids and I were preparing our supper of Black Bean Beer soup, and we felt a side of baked fries would be perfect. That, however, set off an instant craving for Chipotle Mayo… which I did […]

Easy Fruit Sauce Topping – 3 ingredients

Don’t mess with me come breakfast time. This mama needs to eat! I’m not talking about a bowl of sugary cereal… that’s not the best way to fuel for success. I like a warm homemade, hearty breakfast. One huge tip is to make double or even quadruple of certain freezer-friendly recipes such as Quinoa Waffles […]

Honey Mustard Salad Dressing

I have a tangy post for you this week!  I’m a very lucky woman to have a husband who also likes to tinker in the kitchen.  He comes up with some amazing things. This week we enjoyed a delicious baby spinach & kale salad with toasted almonds, and slices of egg.  So simple. But what […]