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Why I ditched a Christmas tradition

Every year, the same thing happens. I pull out all my Christmas decorations, begin the annual transformation, and then realize I haven’t done my flipping Christmas cards yet. For this topic, I want your participation in this week’s blog so make sure you go to the comments at the end.  Thanks! Don’t ask me what […]

Signs your blood sugar is all out of whack

One of the big topics in my Nutrition Program, is keeping blood sugar stable. Why is this so important? When we eat foods that spike blood sugar (high-glycemic foods), the sugar from these foods gets digested quickly, meaning it gets into the blood stream fast. What happens next is a surge of insulin is triggered, which […]

Missing these fruits and vegetables?

Ever heard ‘eat all the colours of the rainbow’? Mmmm… delicious salad greens; crunchy cucumbers; crisp yellow, orange, and red peppers; luscious strawberries, stir fries with cauliflower and broccoli. When you think about, how much blue or purple do you get in? Different fruit and vegetables give a wide range of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and […]

Shame on me… total cop-out

This week, I need your input so please so head to the comments after to help me out! I don’t know if you can relate to this or not, but there are certain time of the year I feel like a hamster running in its wheel. I spin around in circles trying to accomplish everything, […]

Easy Fruit Sauce Topping – 3 ingredients

Don’t mess with me come breakfast time. This mama needs to eat! I’m not talking about a bowl of sugary cereal… that’s not the best way to fuel for success. I like a warm homemade, hearty breakfast. One huge tip is to make double or even quadruple of certain freezer-friendly recipes such as Quinoa Waffles […]

5 tips to avoid the flu

If you haven’t guessed already, it’s flu season. Everybody’s snotting, coughing, wheezing, and fevering.  Are you doomed to get it? Heck no.  First of all, if you are walking around in fear of the flu, you are manifesting the germs coming your way. What you think, you attract… what you are, you attract. So before I get […]

Natural Fruit Fly Trap

I have really had enough of the insane little flies that invade my home when August comes around.  They are very annoying. I move the fresh bananas, they come flying out… I open the garbage can, there they are… I sit down to read a book, they fly around my head buzzing at my ears. I […]