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Creating Calm During Chaos

Creating Calm during chaos

I had a wee bit of a meltdown.

The plastic food containers in the cupboard would not cooperate. I was upset because once again, the kids had simply jammed the containers in the cupboard.

Just heaved in there because I asked for the dishes to be put away.

I fix that particular cupboard every week. And yet, all by itself, a bomb goes off in there.

So I was once again fixing the cupboard because I needed a specific size to freeze my leftover casserole for lunches. Thanks to the disarray, I couldn’t get to the size I needed.

I sorted, I straightened, I tidied. I was doing all of this with less than 10 minutes to leave to teach my Zumba class.

As I’m frantically moving through the puzzle pieces of containers, these three jack-ass pieces kept falling over. I’d stand them up, they’d fall over. I’d stand them again, and they fell as if to mock me.

Out of nowhere, my blood was beginning to boil.

I stood them again. This was about the 7th time.

Those f’n things fell again!

So I did the only logical thing there was to do. I picked up one of those containers… the one that looked like the leader of the pack, and threw it against the wall with the most warrior-like yell I could muster.

Just like a scene out of a Funniest Home Videos episode, the container promptly showed me who was boss, and ricocheted back at me straight in the face.

I said nothing.

The kids said nothing.

Probably a wise move on their part.

Now, I am the first to admit, this was not my finest moment, but I am sure everyone reading this has had a melt down over something so stupid.

The question that arises is where does such frustration come from? Where does the anger fester up from? Why would a grown woman spin out of control over a messy cupboard?

Because during the most stressful and chaotic time of the year for me… the time of year where my OCD, Type A, perfectionist self comes out to play the most, the one thing I didn’t stop to do was park my ass down.

I teach sold out, sought-after classes, own a successful retail store where Fall/Christmas is nuts, and, ironically, teach others about self care.

So why did this happen?

Basically, I needed a self care time out, and to start creating calm during chaos. The universe did what it does best and got my attention by smacking me in the face. Like a divine bitch slap.

It got my attention.

I left the room.

I found a chair.

I sat down.

I took a whole ton of deep breaths.

I still made it to class on time, but a whole lot calmer.

When I returned home, the kids had packaged all the casserole into containers for me, the kitchen was clean, and I hugged them and apologized for my outburst.

I know the thing to do is sit down when everything spins out of control. When we neglect our whole self, it will come out. In some way, the signs will mount. Poor sleep, bad skin, digestive upset, exhaustion, or in my case instantaneous anger.

There is no excuse. It’s about owning what you have neglected and making that choice to take care of you.

I am happy to report, I have had no further outbursts with the cupboard… even though it was a disaster again in just a few short days.

Sit and breathe,

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  1. Excellent article Karen & so true, our body does let us know when we’re going into overload. Also, great job realizing it & taking responsibility for your actions. Keep sharing your experiences, we all can relate and need the reminder to ‘take care of ourselves’.

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