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Did I just commit entrepreneurial suicide?

Did I just commit entrepreneurial suicide

I just left one of my businesses during the busiest season.

Leading up to it, I kept telling myself “I think I’ve lost my mind.”

Did I just commit entrepreneurial suicide?

Seriously! What business person leaves their enterprises at peak season?

There is no busier time for me in a year than September through December.

This is when my Zumba classes explode, I see more women who make this the time of year to improve their health and lifestyle, and I flip our retail store, Spruce Park Ranch Country Store,  from Fall to Christmas. Plus, I am gearing up for the New Year excitement of client lifestyle transformations and weight loss in January.

This time of year is kinda a big deal.

The two craziest seasons for a country retail store are Harvest/Halloween and Christmas, and it takes a huge amount of time to set each season up. As the store merchandiser, it’s my own giddy decorating playground.

But nothing… nothing compares to the insanity of the Holiday season.

It’s long days, physically and mentally hard, my creative juices are required to the max, my people skills are tested, non-stop social media and website work, and at the end of the day, I still have classes to teach.

You know what? Sometimes, I’m freaking tired.

So this year, I did the unthinkable.

I left.

Yes, the family and I took two glorious weeks in the California sun and left the store behind.

This year, I trusted the amazing women I work with at the store had it this.

I let go of the control freak in me, passed on the decorating baton, and said “hello California!

You see between, my classes, the store, and my partner, USANA Health Sciences, I am so blessed that I get to do what I love.

I pass what entrepreneurial mentor, Darren Hardy, calls the Saturday test. Meaning, even on a Saturday, I really do want to be building my businesses because I love them that much!!!

I don’t do what I do simply to put food on the table, but that is a damn good reason! I do it so I can live my life. To have time with my family and never report to someone when I may take my vacation time.

I do it my way, and I love it!

And you have to admit… my lunch time view at the happiest place on earth is pretty sweet!

My view from my Disney lunch

Now head to the comments and tell me about a time you just left.  What did it do for you? Why did you go?



P.S.  The store continued to flourish, and was even selected for a video feature!!

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