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5 foods to get out of your kitchen now

5 foods to get out of your kitchen

Do you know what I hear the most from my wellness and Zumba® clients? “I just can’t lose weight, I feel like crap, I’m so sick of being sick and tired.”

We all know the obvious… eat less junk, eat more good stuff.  So now that you’ve removed the chips, sweets, and pop from your house (cause you’ve done that right?), why do you still feeling like a big ‘ol bag of crap?

When I run my nutrition program, clients are often shocked at the simplest things in their kitchens that may be inhibiting their ability to succeed.  I’m going to share a few to ditch.

Here are 5 foods to get out of your kitchen right now. There is nothing beneficial at all in this list no matter what the marketers say.

Instant Oatmeal
Instant hits the blood stream very quickly causing blood sugar to spike.  It may be a speedy meal, but it’s probably going to cause you to be hungry faster and give you cravings for more sweet stuff. Old fashioned slow cook oatmeal takes 10 – 15 minutes to cook. That’s it. Plus it releases into the blood stream slowly and gradually.

Whole Wheat Bread
Whole wheat bread digests essentially the same as white bread. It just has a bit more fiber. It’s the same thing for multi grain.  All the goodness is removed in the processing and then manufacturers attempt to put back in the minerals and vitamins they removed.  The result is still a product that increases blood sugar levels quickly and can often lead to a bloated feeling as it doesn’t digest well.  My favourite is a sprouted grain. Look for Ezekiel or Silver Hills. Remember to keep sprouted grain breads in the freezer or the fridge because they have no preservatives.

I cringe a little when people start their day with cereal.  Have you ever read the ingredients? Sugar is one at the top of the list along with highly processed flour. Don’t be fooled by gluten free options. They are usually worse. Cereals targeted to children are disgraceful. We have an epidemic of childhood obesity, and these products are not helping. However, did you know that your favourite adult cereal is probably worse for you than pouring sugar on your tongue? Some of the most popular “healthy” cereals are causing cravings, hunger, and doing damage to blood sugar levels. If you are going to buy cereal, look for a brand like Love Grown Foods, which is a type of granola.

“Light” Products
A product that is light, calorie wise, diet, or somehow altered to make it appear like the healthier choice, usually has added fillers, sugar, or sugar substitutes to fool the taste buds into thinking it’s still sweet. Quite often the original version is the lesser evil of the two.

Premade Salad Dressings
Once you ditch premade salad dressings, you will wonder what you ever saw in them. They are usually just adding unnecessary calories, sugar, and artificial ingredients to your meal.  Homemade salad dressings are easy and quick to make. Don’t underestimate the power of a simple oil and vinegar dressing. Some of my favourite salad dressings are the simplest.

What foods have you removed that made a big difference in your health goals? Go to the comments right now and share.

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