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Easy Fruit Sauce Topping – 3 ingredients

Easy Fruit Sauce Topping

Don’t mess with me come breakfast time. This mama needs to eat!

I’m not talking about a bowl of sugary cereal… that’s not the best way to fuel for success. I like a warm homemade, hearty breakfast.

One huge tip is to make double or even quadruple of certain freezer-friendly recipes such as Quinoa Waffles or Sprouted Grain French Toast. Enjoy the day you make them and freeze the extra in freezer bags in the exact amount you need for busy mornings. Just reheat in the toaster.

I will also make a larger batches of Baked Oatmeal or Quinoa Raisin Porridge to enjoy two breakfasts in a row.  I make it on Sunday, and then have enough for a healthy Monday morning breakfast as well. Just remember to add a touch of liquid such as unsweetened almond milk when you reheat the next day.

It’s nice to add a fruit blast to your morning meal. Fresh is always a quick and healthy option, but sometimes I have run out of fresh or want a nice warm topping for my waffles.

This recipe for Easy Fruit Sauce Topping is simple, delicious, unique each time you make it, and free of added sugar because fruit is sweet enough.  A batch will last you a 3-4 days and you can freeze the extra.

Easy Fruit Sauce Topping- 3 ingredients
Recipe type: Sauce
  • 1 package of organic frozen fruit (I like mixed berries) - 600g
  • 1-2 TBSP fresh lemon juice
  • equal parts cornstarch & water to thicken
  1. On medium heat, add the fruit of your choice to a large pot. I love using a premixed bag of berries because it's simple, but you can mix some raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, rhubarb, or whatever you would like.
  2. Cook until all the fruit is soft. You may need to turn the heat down to medium low if it is starting to burn or evaporate the juice before it gets nice and soft.
  3. Add 1-2 Tablespoons of lemon juice. Start with one, taste test. You can always add more.
  4. Mix equal parts of cornstarch and water. A good estimate is 2 tablespoons of each. This doesn't have to be perfect.
  5. Ensure a good simmer is happening in the fruit sauce. Not a rapid boil.
  6. While whisking, slowly add the corn starch and water mixture to the fruit. You may not need it all. Thicken to your desired consistency.
  7. Simmer for 2-3 minutes and serve.

Cornstarch is a great thickening agent, but if you add it straight to what you want to thicken, it quite often goes lumpy.  This is why you need to create paste-type consistency with water and then whisk it in.

Next time you have a nice hot breakfast, skip the artificial syrups and sugary jams and add this easy fruit sauce topping.

Try it on:

  • waffles, french toast, or pancakes
  • in a yogurt (no need to buy sugary yogurt…this will sweeten it!)
  • On slow cook oatmeal
  • spread a little on toast
  • leftovers can even be used in your smoothie

As with anything, moderation is key.  Fruit is beautifully natural, and a little goes a long way.



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