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Tips for healthy school lunches

School is back, and that means school lunches are back.

You have no idea how much I dislike making school lunches.  Well, actually, if you are a parent, you probably do.

I disliked it sooo much, I taught my kids how to make their own lunches from the time they were in Kindergarten.

No seriously… all three have been busting out lunches like pros since they were five, and it’s all because, honestly, I didn’t want to do it.

That might make me a bad parent in some people’s eyes, but what I have are three very independent kids who understand how to make a complete and healthy lunch.

I recently posted a Facebook Live video and my daughter was my guest. In the video she shared what she does to make her lunches, and we both share some great tips for parents to make lunches less of a pain in the ass.

She was a huge hit, and I think I have a future Boss Girl on my hands.

Check out the video here below.

Now, do you have any tips you can share when it comes to packing lunches? Tips to make it less of a pain?

Head to the comments and share with me your tips for making lunches like the boss parent you are or how you got your kids to make healthy lunches on their own.

Happy lunch making… or you know, happy watching your kids to it! Cause even as I type this, I’m listening to my daughter make tomorrow’s lunch.


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