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How to move on when someone screws you over

Move on

Someone owes me money. Almost $1000 actually.

Truthfully, I’ll probably never see the money. Yeah, I got screwed me over.

When I first was becoming established as a Zumba instructor, I taught for a couple of other places to gain experience and build clientele.

I always had my own classes, but when you are new, you start small and do everything you can to build confidence.

For me, this was teaching even beyond my circle of influence.

One of the places I use to teach at began to have difficulties, and they were going to have to pull a midnight move.

I felt really bad for the owner. She worked very hard to build her dream, and this was heartbreaking.

I will pay you, Karen. I will make good on the classes you have taught“.

I believed her and defended her. Even when others where saying “what a bitch“.

All this time later, I have never seen a penny of that money. It made me fume that I not only lost out on almost $1000, but it was time I could never get back with my young family.

I’d think about it, and I’d feel my blood boil. It was on my mind. I wanted my money.

Then it hit me.

I was allowing her to control me. I was allowing the situation to change my energy… my vibration. I was allowing this to push away good things including more money into my life.

So right then and there. I forgave her.

Oh I haven’t forgot nor do I condone what she has done, but now a Facebook status showing off her latest buys do not raise my blood pressure. Now, I take a deep breath and say “I forgive you“.

I didn’t forgive her for her sake. It was all for me.

The act of forgiveness is a area of self care many people have not explored. It’s uncomfortable. It can feel like you are letting someone get off scott free.

For my sake, I forgive her. I’ll let Karma take care of the rest. There are greater powers out there that have my back.

And for this experience, I actually thank her.

I met some damn amazing people teaching under her roof. I still teach some of them to this day, and one is even now a very close friend.

When I forgave, the money began to flow into my life as well. I was able to design my own teaching schedule and create classes my way.

I was able to be authentically me. I was free.

With that freedom came an attraction to good energy. Money is energy, and when I let my negative energy surrounding being stiffed go, it made room for good energy, and my own private classes exploded!

Have you ever had trouble forgiving? How did you get over it?

At the BeYoutiful Retreat I help facilitate each year, we talk about the act of self care and how you can put the good energy back into your life. Maybe that’s forgiveness, maybe that’s unconditional love, maybe that’s learning to say no.

Take a look at this video from last year. Then pop over here to find out all about this retreat. It’s designed to put YOU back in BeYoutiful.

Now head to the comments and tell me how you forgave and what that did for you. How did the act of forgiveness positively change your energy. Did you forgive someone else or maybe it was yourself.

Remember, you are BeYoutiful!



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