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How to stay on the healthy train during the Holidays

How to stay on the healthy train during the holidays

I love this time of year! The lights, the colours, the food, the feeling in the air. Did I mention the food?

Damn… it’s like all my favourite foods in the world are all out in full force at this time of year. They temp me, they call me, they make my mouth water!

All of that is just with family gatherings. I haven’t even added in all the parties, social gatherings, and buffets.

So what do you do? I certainly don’t want to miss out. Life is about joy and experiencing all the fabulous things in this world. That includes food. Did I mention how much I like the food?

Here are some survival tips to keep you on the healthy train during the Holidays BUT… when you are done, I want you to head down to the comments and share what your tips are to stay on the train during this season, even if it’s just holding on by your finger nails. And of course share these tips with your friends! Let’s all survive and make it to our healthyville destination safely.

Survival tip #1 – The Buffet
Do not pass Go… go straight to the salads and fruit. Make this the only stop you do at first. The point is to make this the majority of the food you will eat. Take your leafy veggies, make a salad, grab some juicy fruit, and then head right back to your table. Eat this first! Slowly. When you have finished, take a peek at the rest of the options. Because you just had a good healthy start, which you ate slowly, you won’t have the room to eat tons more, but you won’t have deprived yourself either.

Survival tip #2 – The Pot Luck
Use the same tips as above, but in this situation, bring a healthy dish to share. Make your favourite dish and even bring a waist line friendly dessert. Nothing wrong with chocolate covered strawberries, or bring Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal Squares or Nut-Free Granola Bars. These give you something you can cut up into individual servings, and they are yummy!

Survival tip #3 – The Overeating Regret
You may not realize it until January comes, but all that overeating stretches your poor stomach. The stomach is approximately the size of a fist. A simple thing to do to avoid overeating is eat before the main event is to make an uber healthy meal at home and enjoy it. The mind set of saving room for supper is, frankly, really really dumb. Don’t do it! One of my tricks is to have a smoothie before I head out or even before guests arrive. This Pumpkin Spice Smoothie is a very satisfying option. And P.S… if you don’t like pumpkin, this is not “pumpkinie” so give it a go!

Survival tip #4 – The Too Much Wine Syndrome
Too much wine, and other alcoholic beverages, mess with the system. I’m not even talking about getting bladdered.  Just a few glasses can wreak havoc on the body. I tried teaching a Zumba class once the day after a Christmas party. I had just over two glasses of wine throughout the whole evening, and when I taught the next afternoon, I was sweating like a pig. No Zumba glow… pure toxins. I was shocked at how my body responded. The poison was coming out of my body, and it was do it by sweating. Parties are very much a social thing, and, often, that involves a few drinks, but you can do something about it. Obviously, you can say no thank you and have water, but one of my tricks is to have sparkling cranberry juice in my wine glass. Half cranberry juice and half sparkly water. If I am partaking in the wine, cause let’s get real, I still like wine, I make sure to have a big 8oz glass of water or two between every glass of wine.

Survival tip #5 – The Not Enough Sleep Challenge
The body repairs at night. This is when the magic happens. It is very important, no matter how much fun you are having, you do not compromise on sleep. There have been many studies done showing the relationship between lack of sleep and weight gain.  Sleep is your friend. It’s ok to leave the party an hour earlier than everyone else. I have actually begun to do this myself. Now that I have trained my body it’s not a night owl, I have no desire to go back to one. I love you sleep, I truly do!

Survival tip #6 – The Lazy-ass Syndrome
All that food makes you want to curl up on the couch. I challenge you to move your body every day. If you are unable to get to a fitness class try some of these options.

  • Have an insane 15 minute dance party in your kitchen
  • Power walk for 30 minutes
  • Go snowshoeing or Cross-Country skiing
  • Do reps of sit ups, crunches, push ups, running on the spot… just do basic moves
  • For pity sakes, just move!

I love this campaign by Zumba Fitness… Let it move you.  Move your body!

Whatever you do this season, be kind to you.  Practice loads of self care. You are worth it!





Of course, my Nutrition Program will be kicking off in the New Year, and we are going to give our bodies and minds the love it deserves. This is for anyone who feels like they just need that extra help to start down a new lifestyle.  I mentioned, I love food right?… maybe once or twice, so please understand dieting is never the way. You can learn to have a love affair with food again, and I can show you how.

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