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How to survive the Holidays when you are an introvert

how to survive the holidays when you are an introvert

Not too many people believe I’m an introvert. I actually sit right on the border of the Myers Briggs test.

I like to call myself an extroverted introvert.

Like a lot of introverts, I can be in the spot light just fine. Ask my Zumba® students. I have no problem taking the lead of a class and letting my wild side show.

I can get up and do a presentation. It’s easy for me to strike up a conversation with customers at our family country store, Spruce Park Ranch.

I talk to pretty much anyone, I can speak in public, and I walk with confidence into a room. I recently danced with a complete stranger on a pier at a California beach.

But there is nothing I long for more than that quiet place (or a cozy hole to crawl in) to rebuild my energy. To allow everything from the day to be set free, and soak up light for my self care.

This is the season of holidays, parties, and group gatherings. It is also the time for me when I come off of teaching 150 plus students a week and into a revolving door of Christmas shoppers.

At this time of year, the extrovert in me in “on”. The introvert in me is silently screaming.

The last thing I want to do is go out. And guess what?… that’s OK.

The Holidays are full of an energy that is both joyous and draining. Ask anyone who is sensitive to energy how they feel walking into a Walmart at any time of year, never mind Christmas season. It drains you.

And then there is the joyous energy of people who gather to be with those they love and never exchange a single gift.

The introvert in me has learned to listen to my needs.

  • If it doesn’t serve me, the answer is no.
  • If it isn’t’ an immediate yes, then that makes it a no.

Saying no to events and gatherings at this time of the year is saying yes to my needs and listening to my soul.

As an introvert, I am recharging so I will be on fire in the New Year! I have big plans, exciting plans, and this is when the extrovert likes to push my buttons and boundaries by getting my brain all wired up.

For now, I am taking care of me. Enjoying my tree, sipping on a glass of wine, and looking forward to being with my family. No hordes of gifts, in fact, the adults in our family have declined gift giving for years, and we love it!

Simply taking time for me, my family, and a few board games.

Merry Christmas! Love,

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