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I went for a nature walk for two reasons…bonding and detox

A Nature walk can help detox stress

Recently, I went for a nature walk on our farm, and I did this for two reasons… a little bonding and some detox.

First, it was my son’s 16th birthday, and since he was a child, we would explore the back woods.  In my childhood there was a lake back there too, but now it’s more of a marsh in the spring and dries right up during the summer.

Still, there are tons of things to explore, and when he was little, I had him convinced there were dinosaur bones back there. Truthfully, they were the skeletal remains of cattle, but to him, they were dinosaurs.

As he grew, obviously he caught on to me.  That may have had something to do with the dinosaur science camp he attends every year where he goes and digs real dinosaur bones in Alberta’s badlands.

Detox with Nature Walk

I can remember him at 9 years old correcting the demonstrators at the Calgary Zoo when they brought out fossils and images of dinosaurs.  I don’t remember exactly what the error was, but he caught it. It was small, but there was no way he was going to let misinformation on dinosaur species get out there.

Still this has never stopped the exploring. The same exploring I use to do as a child.

Walking on fallen trees like balance beams in the raven, catching frogs, chasing butterflies, and avoiding a few fresh cow pies along the way.

It has always been a place of peace for me.

The second reason I went on our nature walk was to refresh my system.  We spend so much time indoors and take on energy that does not serve us.

When we slow down, connect with nature, and breathe the fresh air, we become more balanced.

We are able to detox from some of that negative energy and recharge.

Detox your body with a Nature Walk to reduce stress

A detox for our body does not always need to be the extreme.

How many times do we hear the word ‘detox’ and images of running to the can come flooding into our brain? Or what about deprivation? Detox seems to imply we must deprive our lives of things that make us happy.

A daily detox can be quite simple and immensely beneficial.

Our bodies can eliminate stressors and negativity just by giving them a chance to be still or reconnect with our natural habitat. Because really, the computer screen is not our natural environment.

Although my life is an active one, there are  times I am tied to my computer, such as writing this blog, but time outdoors frees my mind and body, and creates a sense of calm.

When I return from my nature walk, my mind feels fresh, and the creativity flows, and I am happy!

We have so few days of beautiful summer here in Canada. It’s important to get out and enjoy the beauty God has given us.


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