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Me better than I could ever imagine


Me better than I could imagine

My guest blogger, Sandi, has powerful story and she’s sharing with you.

Once upon a time there was a woman named Sandi. She was always sick, over weight, and overall not happy.

That woman was me.

I couldn’t lose weight, didn’t have a lot of friends I could trust, and it seemed I couldn’t make it through a month without a different prescription because the last one didn’t work…again.

When I started taking Zumba® classes with Karen, she repeatedly watched me suffer and had very kindly mentioned she may be able to help. I think it took another month, and one more round of antibiotics, before I finally took her up on her offer.

Karen started me slow and steady looking at new ways of eating, thinking, and adding some nutrition back into to my grossly depleted body. It took a lot of hard work and dedication but eventually I was back on track.

Three things happened in the first year:

  1. The antibiotics and sickness became less and less
  2. The weight started coming off
  3. I had found a true friend for life

Reading this you would think, YES!… SUCCESS, yet there was still something missing.

As hard as I worked my weight plateaued and once again I wondered “what is wrong with me, why am I such a failure?

It was time to work on the deeper me.

With Karen’s referral… ok, maybe nagging, she encouraged me to seek out more, and pointed me to the direction of Rob and Lorie Saito at The Dojo, people who helped me understand chaos is not a normal state.

This is where it got real! Together, they help me work on ME. The one thing I was hesitant to do.

I took one more leap, I attended the BeYoutiful Self Care Retreat. Oh not just once, but three times and keep going back.

At first, I was going for the booty shaking , insane laughs, and fun with the ladies, which there totally was and is a blast! But, if things were getting real before, now my eyes where open. Now, it was time to grow or become stagnant.

That was it…things started to change. I realized until I truly accept myself for who I am, no matter what size I am, things will never become reality.

I became aware that even though I do have people in my life who really love me, it means nothing if I don’t love myself.

I am enough, I am strong, I am anything and everything I want to be. More than I ever imagined.

My life totally changed. This is the part I really want you to make note of: it doesn’t matter what you look like, what size you are, how many friends you do or do not have, if you don’t truly love yourself nothing will ever satisfy you or bring you joy.

I still choose every day to eat healthy and keep my body and mind strong, but now it’s for a different reason. Now I do it not to be skinny and not to be what other people think I should be. I do it to be the best, strongest, happiest me I can be.

Self Care.... I do it for me!

I do it for ME. DO IT FOR YOU.

Love you more than anyone else. Support you more than anyone else. Always know that you are beautiful because you see you. Shine your light – you’re brighter than the sun.

I love you all,

PS. The 2015 BeYoutiful Self Care Retreat is coming up, June 5-7. It’s time to be better than you could ever imagine!

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