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My health journey – Guest Blogger Sandi Carey

My Health Journey


My health journey started long before I recognized it.  I also realize it’s never ending.

Health is a choice you make each and every day, but I have moments that stand out as some of my greatest lessons.

For example, when I was 18, I lived with my grandparents while attending college.  Don’t get me wrong… I love my grandma, but I very quickly learned having meat, potatoes, buns, and gravy every night for dinner was not the answer for my growing body.

My body was growing alright.  Only out… not up.

Six years ago, my husband was rushed to emergency and spent the next two months in hospital.  At one point they had to stop his heart and re-start it.

This taught me unconditional love, but also how food plays a huge role in our lives.  I discovered personal nutrition can be as individual as each one of us.

What I required to be my best was no longer what my husband required.

Five years ago, I was constantly sick with reoccurring bronchitis and pneumonia.  I thought if I just started moving more that might help so I signed up for my first Zumba session.

It was great; however, it did not help my constant illness.  I would participate, at least one class each month, sitting on the floor in the corner.  My friend and instructor, Karen, would occasionally come over and tell me how I was feeling was not normal.

Well duuuuuhhhhhh, of course it wasn’t normal, hence I was going to the doctor every month to get a new antibiotic.

I’m not a stupid person when it comes to health, I worked in the medical field for 10 years.  But, I was in a rut, I wasn’t thinking clearly and was extremely frustrated.

It took a few months but eventually something inside me said “this is crazy… this is not right”.

The next time she told me what I was feeling was not normal I took it to heart.  We worked together on some very basic food changes and nutritionals for digestive health.

At first I felt nothing.  What good was this doing for me?  Then a month went by, and I didn’t sit on the floor in Zumba. That was odd, but I certainly wasn’t telling Karen!

Then I went two months, and the song we dubbed “the asthma inducer”, in my honour, no longer did me in. I kicked that song’s ass!

Was there something to all these small changes I was making? Yes!

I have not looked back, and I now teach four Zumba classes a week.

My most recent lesson came straight from my doctor.

I have a thyroid disease, and it’s a fine art to keep it balanced. On this occasion, for whatever reason, it was out.  She blamed the supplements I was taking. She had never been in favour of them to begin with.

I was so angry at her for not listening, I decided to do an experiment.  I went cold turkey and stopped all my supplements for a month, and then went and had my thyroid tested.

The doctor was appalled.

My results were through-the-roof horrible. They were as bad as when I was first diagnosed 18 years ago.  She asked what on earth I had done. My response, “I stopped all my supplements.”

At first she was thrilled until she realized all I changed was that I wasn’t taking ‘those’ supplements.

I told her to give me six weeks, and then retest my bloodwork.  I got back on my nutritionals diligently, and guess what?  My results were amazing.  Take that doctor!

I am not suggesting someone stop taking medication or supplements.  I did it for me because I was told they weren’t helping me.  My intuition said otherwise.

I knew all the changes I made, dietary, fitness, and nutritional, were making a difference, and I wasn’t turning back.

The key to health is to know your body. This is your journey. You get to write your story.

You get to choose each and every day how it will look, feel, and be.

Never stop living, learning, and loving.
Sandi Sig 3


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  1. I really love to read your health journey ! Cheers

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