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Natural Aphid Repellent

banana aphid repellent

I don’t have a big gardens, just a few rock gardens, perennials, and containers. I made a change to downsize gardening chores because my lifestyle is so busy that they were becoming a burden rather than enjoyable. Now I have just enough that I can manage and still feel like I have glorious summer plants.

Every year, I end up with aphids on something, and each year, I had to pull out some awful chemical repellent to keep them from sucking the life out of my plants. (Yes I had tried other natural methods with little success… where are the ladybugs when you need them?).  I even stop growing the flowers that were just natural aphid attractors… bye bye Million Bells 🙁

Last year, one of by bushes was under attack big time.  Now, my husband and I built our house on the farm I grew up on, but we built in the middle of a hay field…literally!  Meaning we had no trees and trees are super important to me.  So when my 6 foot Ninebark was being eaten alive, I felt extremely discouraged.  Out came the chemicals because it was that bad, but I did save the bush.

I kept telling the kids to stay away from the bushes as I didn’t want them to rub up against them. The plants location would for sure of guaranteed some skin contact.  Then after feeling rather defeated, started some serious Googling again.

I found one idea that was so simple it seemed worth a try.  So for the remainder of the summer, we tried this on the Ninebark.  I have no idea if I had successfully got rid of the aphids with the previous spray, but nothing returned for the remainder of the season.

This year, I was faced with a situation where chemicals was not an option.  Those little green monsters where in my potted kale!  My precious kale!!! Immediately, I removed those leaves before they spread.  I checked every day, but they were slowly coming back.  Then I remembered what I did after the Ninebark attack!

I ran to the house, called my kids and said “all of you… eat a banana!”  Then they placed their peels in & on the soil around the kale.  We have put every banana peel on that plant since, and not one single aphid has shown up!

Here’s my kale pot 4 weeks after I started.  All happy & healthy!

healthy kale pot

I have no idea if this will continue to be successful, but I have not picked one bug off since we started.  To be fair it would have taken a whole lotta bananas to save the bush, but in a simple pot, it seems to works great.

I will continue to monitor the kale to see if it’s just an old wives tale or not, but so far so good! Because to me, no amount of chemical is worth it especially in my food.



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