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Natural Weed Treatment – Chemical Free

natural weed control

Maybe you can relate to this…. As much as I would love to have beautiful flowers and gardens, I am way too busy to be dealing with the high maintenance a garden brings. I am content with simple rock gardens, a few potted plants, and easy perennials.

What I am not content with is weeds! When I do find the time to get out and pick them, I swear they are back the next day. Especially chickweed, grass, and dandelions in a rock garden. The seeds settle in between the rocks and thrive there.

The yard gets a wild jungle look, especially in the rock gardens. It’s beyond hand picking and slaving away in the sun. So I made a choice…keep pulling and getting the allergic reaction all up my arms from the grasses and weeds or spray them.

One of the things I love most about our yard is that the kids can play without chemicals. They can smell the flowers that are free of pesticides. They can run barefoot and I don’t have to worry about anything soaking into their skin…and then the blood stream. Spraying seemed like a very bad option.

I had tried a few natural remedies before with no success. The weeds just looked sad and then bounced back a few weeks later. So after some help from good ‘ol Google, I found a recipe I liked and tried it!

Here’s what my rock garden looked like just one day (am to pm) after this natural treatment!

Natural weed control before and after

It was easy, inexpensive, nontoxic, and most of all… it worked. I’m sharing with you exactly what I did. Keep in mind that this is best suited for small areas like rock gardens, sidewalk cracks, or driveways, and should be used sparingly (if at all) in vegetable gardens or areas with plants you want to keep. High salt isn’t soil friendly.

Natural Weed Treatment

  • 1 – 5L (1.32 gallons) generic vinegar (I got mine at Costco)
  • 180ml (3/4 cup) of inexpensive table salt (save your sea salt for cooking)
  • 30ml (2 Tbsps) liquid dish soap

I added all ingredients into a handheld pressure pump sprayer and gave it a stir. You don’t want to stir it up so much that the dish soap goes all bubbly, but you do want the salt dissolved.

The best time to spray is first thing in the morning on a sunny day, but make sure the grass is dry. Give them a good coating, but do watch you don’t hit the plants you want to keep.

Here are my weed before I sprayed them.

natural weed treatment before

and the same spot four hours later…

natural weeds treatment 4 hrs

and 8 hours later…

natural weed treatment 8 hrs

And here’s a side by side comparison of a spot I missed!

natural weed control side by side

Now all I have to do is the occasional treatment for prevention and remove any of the dead stuff, but I’d much rather remove the dead stuff once or twice than picking weeds every few days!

Happy gardening! Love,


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  1. Sandi Carey says:

    Okay….this is so cool and it really works….I witnessed
    It for myself…..so awesome….woot woot

  2. Suzanne says:

    Thanks for this recipe. I have heard vinegar works but never knew anyone who actually tried it. My weeds are in my lawn so I think I will cut off the bottom of a plastic water bottle and use put the narrow end right on the weed, then spray into the cut end and see how that works. Will let you know.

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