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Benefits of Stinging Nettle Tea

Stinging Nettle Tea

A few months ago, I was doing some research on ways to support the liver.  Liver health is incredibly important. This is our bodies largest internal organ, and it takes so much abuse.

It really has a very big job.  Think about it.  Every toxin passes through the liver or at least tries to.

My search brought me to Nettle Tea and the many wonderful benefits this common noxious weed has. In fact, this pain-in-the-backyard plant (literally if you touch it!) is beneficial to the whole endocrine system.

I found this so interesting as besides liver health, I’ve been chatting with a lot of woman about how PMS is not normal.  Sometimes, that endocrine system just needs some extra love.

In this week’s video blog, I’m going to make a cup of Nettle tea and tell you a few extra benefits, and I’ll even show you what kind I buy and how to make it.  I love loose-leaf teas, and it’s not as messy or time consuming as people make it out to be.  Yeah, I know… all the tea lovers be like “What? You don’t know how to make tea?”

Hey! No judgment.  There was a time, I only made tea if it came out of a tea bag. Another tea faux pas I used to commit was to put the water in the cup first and then the tea bag. Turns out you get a much better tea when the water pours over the tea bag or loose leaves!

What tea do you drink? Which is the one that is a must for you. Beside Nettle, I adore Green and Ginger tea. Head to the comments and tell me your favourites.



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