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The supplements I would never be without

The supplements I would never be without

I was asked an interesting question the other day. If I could only take one supplement what would it be?

I really had to think about this.  How does one narrow it down?

There was a time I didn’t take supplements and then when I started, I took what was most marketed or what was on sale that week at the health food store. To be honest, I never really noticed anything.

It wasn’t until my autoimmune disease got really bad that I made the choice to take high quality, bioavailable nutritionals.  I was at the point of “well…it can’t get any worse!

This is when my body, mind, energy, and life did a flip on the health front. I could not deny, that for the first time, something was making a huge difference.

To have me narrow down what one supplement I couldn’t do without is just not possible.  So I have it down to my top four.

  1. Multivitamin: Multi minerals and antioxidants. To me this the foundation to support a healthy lifestyle. This is the stepping stone to everything else I take, such as calcium, vitamin C, grape seed extract, etc.
  2. Vitamin D – The sunshine vitamin! When lacking Vitamin D, I notice I am more susceptible to illness, more tired, and seem out of sorts. I call it my happy vitamin.
  3. Fish Oil – As a vegetarian it sounds very hypocritical to take a fish oil.  Although I take plant-based oils daily and notice an improvement, I feel much better with fish oil.  My brain thinks clearer, my skin’s better, and my joints feel awesome.  I decided to listen to what my body is saying.  It says it likes fish oil.
  4. Milk Thistle – The liver’s job is to help rid the body of toxins. When I began to support my liver with milk thistle, my skin improved, especially around the chin, and the constant waking up hot between 2-4am stopped. Not to mention, PMS also greatly improved!

Remember supplementation, it is just that – supplementation. Meaning, diet and lifestyle still remain King. Nutritionals supplement a healthy lifestyle.  They do not replace it.

Is there one vitamin you just wouldn’t be without? Take action and tell me in the comments, what vitamin is a must for you.



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  1. I could not live without vit D. It is what gets me through the winter!

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