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Whoa! Today, I’m f’n 40!

Happy Birthday to me! I am celebrating a milestone and entering a new phase in my journey on this planet. I’ve learned a lot of things over the last 40 years. Everything from walking, talking, how to bath a horse, even how to tell if a pig is ready for market. I have discovered the […]

When I Finally Stepped Into my Brilliance

Three years ago I did something that changed my life forever. There are times in your life when you just know you need to do something. You don’t always know the reason, but you just know. That’s what happened to me in July of 2010. I had been home raising babies for nine years. My […]

Be Healthy, Fit & Sexy in Your 30s

We talked about health in your 20s.  This week, let’s chat 30s. Ah, the 30s… the new 20s as they say.  So what does life look like now?  It’s hectic!  That’s what!  So with all the rushing around, why is the metabolism being so cruel and slowing down? Sorry to be the bearer of bad […]

How to be Healthy & Sexy for life in Your 20s

You’re 20 years old and life is awesome!  The body is in peak form, has strong muscles, and a metabolism the 40 plus demographic hates you for.  If you are a 20 something, you probably haven’t really given health and wellness much thought, and if you have, then good for you!  This is the time […]