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I went for a nature walk for two reasons…bonding and detox

Recently, I went for a nature walk on our farm, and I did this for two reasons… a little bonding and some detox. First, it was my son’s 16th birthday, and since he was a child, we would explore the back woods.  In my childhood there was a lake back there too, but now it’s […]

The fastest way to calm down so you don’t lose your sh*t

  As I write this, I’m sitting stranded in my car. I’m not a car person. I have no idea why it’s not going. I turn the key and no vroom vroom happens. Of course things like this only happen when you are on your own, or it’s damn cold outside. Thankfully it’s a beautiful […]

Whoa! Today, I’m f’n 40!

Happy Birthday to me! I am celebrating a milestone and entering a new phase in my journey on this planet. I’ve learned a lot of things over the last 40 years. Everything from walking, talking, how to bath a horse, even how to tell if a pig is ready for market. I have discovered the […]

Baby steps… not just for babies

Babies are praised for all the little successes they have.  Every milestone is celebrated with big fan fare. First steps, first time drinking from a cup, the first time they use the potty.  Heck, if only we all got such praise for doing a number 2. If babies and toddlers are praised for all the […]

Are gratitude challenges just a bunch of bunk?

If you are at all on social media, I’m sure you have noticed the number of people participating in gratitude challenges. Status updates such as I’m grateful for the beautiful weather, my dog, or the token kid reference, are everywhere. Truth be told, I tend to tune out. Let me be clear before I go […]

Can a little gratitude turn things around?

It’s been an interesting Spring here in Alberta.  I say Spring, but to most of us it has felt like the never-ending Winter. The skies have been grey for days, the Canadian Geese look so confused, and the buds on the trees look like they just might shrink away. It’s easy to get depressed and […]

The real lesson from Mark’s tragedy

In March of 2013, I put myself to the test.  Physically, emotionally, mentally… everything. I barely even remember that month. This was the month I was going for my black belt in Taekwon-Do, and I was doing everything I could to make sure I was ready. From what I do recall, I was teaching eight […]