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Easy Fruit Sauce Topping – 3 ingredients

Don’t mess with me come breakfast time. This mama needs to eat! I’m not talking about a bowl of sugary cereal… that’s not the best way to fuel for success. I like a warm homemade, hearty breakfast. One huge tip is to make double or even quadruple of certain freezer-friendly recipes such as Quinoa Waffles […]

9 Refined Sugar Substitutes

One of the topics that came up during our coaching calls for the Sexxy Smart Nutrition Program was regarding alternatives to sugar (sucrose). So this week, I’m sharing some substitutes that are from natural sources… scrap the chemicals! Before we get going, please note natural substitutions for sugar may be better options than white table […]

Natural Aphid Repellent

I don’t have a big gardens, just a few rock gardens, perennials, and containers. I made a change to downsize gardening chores because my lifestyle is so busy that they were becoming a burden rather than enjoyable. Now I have just enough that I can manage and still feel like I have glorious summer plants. […]

Natural Weed Treatment – Chemical Free

Maybe you can relate to this…. As much as I would love to have beautiful flowers and gardens, I am way too busy to be dealing with the high maintenance a garden brings. I am content with simple rock gardens, a few potted plants, and easy perennials. What I am not content with is weeds! […]