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When joints let you down

Ever notice how we don’t think twice about something until it affects you or a loved one? That’s pretty much what is happening in our family right now. What I’m going to share is personal, it is real. At the age of four, our son was diagnosed with Psoriasis. That doesn’t’ seem like a huge […]

What your nails are telling you

I remember as a teen how my nails would peel in layers.  I could literally peel little scales away from the tips. Plus all those white spots use to drive me crazy. Everyone told me I must hit my nails a lot. Yes, I am totally a klutz so I can see how everyone came […]

Do we really need supplements?

I had an interesting email recently. The National Post requested an interview with me.  They wanted to get my view point on supplement use because they found my previous blogs the supplements I would never be without and the supplements I give my kids daily.  Turns out when they were Googling for a supplementing mama, I […]

Benefits of Stinging Nettle Tea

A few months ago, I was doing some research on ways to support the liver.  Liver health is incredibly important. This is our bodies largest internal organ, and it takes so much abuse. It really has a very big job.  Think about it.  Every toxin passes through the liver or at least tries to. My […]

Toronto Gift Show: Retail playground, Health Coach nightmare

  I’m back from Toronto after taking in the Gift Show for my business life in the retail world. Twice a year my mom and I head to Canada’s largest Gift Show to see what’s hot for the year so we can stock the shelves at Spruce Park Ranch Country Store, our family business. Yes, […]

How to stay on the healthy train during the Holidays

I love this time of year! The lights, the colours, the food, the feeling in the air. Did I mention the food? Damn… it’s like all my favourite foods in the world are all out in full force at this time of year. They temp me, they call me, they make my mouth water! All […]

Quinoa & Steel-Cut Oat Bake… with berry & banana layers

It wasn’t too long ago that my most requested recipe was my Nut-Free Granola bars… until I posted a Facebook picture of this Quinoa & Steel-Cut Oat Bake with Berry & Banana layers. This dish is so good, your taste buds won’t know if it should be for breakfast or dessert. As a huge lover […]