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The biggest mistake when doing a cleanse

Have you ever done a detox? I’m talking about the kind that resets the body, aids in getting rid of toxins, or helps with weight loss. Presuming you’ve chosen to do a gentle program to help break unhealthy patterns, do you know what the most important part of a cleanse is? What is the most […]

Me better than I could ever imagine

  My guest blogger, Sandi, has powerful story and she’s sharing with you. Once upon a time there was a woman named Sandi. She was always sick, over weight, and overall not happy. That woman was me. I couldn’t lose weight, didn’t have a lot of friends I could trust, and it seemed I couldn’t […]

Cooking from drab to fab… Haitian style

I really like to host dinner parties, except for one thing… the cooking! It’s so much darn work. By the time you are all done getting ready and making all that food, you’re almost too tired to visit with your guests. Can you relate? So I tired a new kind of dinner party. My Zumba […]

How to stay on the healthy train during the Holidays

I love this time of year! The lights, the colours, the food, the feeling in the air. Did I mention the food? Damn… it’s like all my favourite foods in the world are all out in full force at this time of year. They temp me, they call me, they make my mouth water! All […]

Quinoa & Steel-Cut Oat Bake… with berry & banana layers

It wasn’t too long ago that my most requested recipe was my Nut-Free Granola bars… until I posted a Facebook picture of this Quinoa & Steel-Cut Oat Bake with Berry & Banana layers. This dish is so good, your taste buds won’t know if it should be for breakfast or dessert. As a huge lover […]

Signs your blood sugar is all out of whack

One of the big topics in my Nutrition Program, is keeping blood sugar stable. Why is this so important? When we eat foods that spike blood sugar (high-glycemic foods), the sugar from these foods gets digested quickly, meaning it gets into the blood stream fast. What happens next is a surge of insulin is triggered, which […]

Nut-Free Granola Bars

A few weeks ago, I posted a photo on Facebook and Instragram of nut-free granola bars. Every time I post foodie pics, I get requests for recipes, but this one had the most. Seriously, I pass people in the street and they ask when this recipe is coming out. I get why everyone is after it. This […]