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The biggest mistake when doing a cleanse

The biggest mistake when doing a cleanse

Have you ever done a detox?

I’m talking about the kind that resets the body, aids in getting rid of toxins, or helps with weight loss.

Presuming you’ve chosen to do a gentle program to help break unhealthy patterns, do you know what the most important part of a cleanse is?

What is the most critical part that will see you to success?

Most people are so hung up on the actual cleanse they forget the part that matters most of all. The steps that will also help someone who simply wants to make better choices.

When you skip the important parts, you are setting yourself up for failure.

So what is that most important step?

It’s actually what happens AFTER the cleanse.

Once you have finished a good cleanse, the body is in a pure state. It is ready to received healthy foods which nourish and fuel.

Most people, go right back to how they ate before making the same poor choices over and over. Why?

Because they don’t know how to set themselves up for success.

Being able to get through a cleanse is one thing, knowing how to continue on after is where the success/challenge lies. A big part of success comes in the form of meal planning and prepping LIKE A BEAST!

The biggest mistake when doing a cleanse

If you are willing to set aside a few hours per week for prepping, you can have quick, ready-to-assemble meals for you and your family.

This is a way for the whole family to get involved. You just went to all the trouble of reseting your body because you want to make healthy lifestyle choices, right? Lead by example. Get the kids involved.

One thing I have never done, unless it was a dietary restriction, was serve separate meals for my kids. They eat what we eat, and they have since they started eating every day mushy solids. It may have been a pulverized version of what we were eating, but it was the same.

Now getting them involved in how to cook, is one of the best gifts I can give them.

Cooking is not reheating food. It isn’t warming up a can of soup on the stove. It isn’t popping a frozen pizza in the oven.

Convenient nutritional foods can absolutely serve a purpose and help to keep us on track, but it’s still not cooking. They are a tool, and meal prep and planning serves as your road map.

It is about the act of consciously paying attention to choices and how we decide to love ourselves each and every day. In other words, you are the boss. Own it!

Tips for you to start your Meal Prep like a rock star:

  • Plan which days you are going to do a full meal cooking, and know what you are going to have in advance. Maybe Sunday and Wednesday as an example. Plan on left overs to eat the next day or freeze.
  • When prepping for the week, cook two to four protein sources you’ll use over the week. Store them in air tight containers. This will tremendously speed up meals.
  • Prechop veggies and keep them in air tight containers. This is excellent for school lunches too.
  • Know ahead of time what each meal will be during the week. Does it need to be fast one night? A grilled panini is super fast to make when you have the protein and veggies ready to go in advance. Paninis alone are why I own a George Foreman Grill!
  • Make salsas, hummus, and homemade dips that can be used all week long.

The biggest mistake when doing a cleanse

Simple tricks that make meals easier and faster will help keep you on track and crushing your goals. Decide what your week will look like, plan for it, see results.

Without proper planning, it doesn’t matter how good the cleanse is or how wonderful your intentions are.

Without proper planning, there’s a better chance of finding yourself right back where you started.

What are your meal prepping tips? How do you stay on track? Ever do a cleanse and neglected the follow through? If you could do it again, what would you change?

Go on, find your beast mode, and get your meal prepping mojo on!


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