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The relationship with word ‘can’t’ and food

Do you realize how many times you say the word ‘can’t’ in a day?

It’s ridiculous. I catch myself regularly, and I freaking teach others about switching up their lifestyle mindset.

It’s simply so built into our language we don’t even notice.

But it has an affect on everything including our relationship with food.

I had a conversation with a very sweet friend who was having some challenges with particular foods. She indicated she ‘can’t’ have a specific food as it doesn’t sit well, but oh how she craves it and “can’t” stop herself.

As a person with an Inflammatory Bowel Disease, I completely understand how certain foods do not sit well.  Damn you raw vegetables!

However, I can have anything I want.

The key is understanding that when I eat raw vegetables, I am in pain. When I eat steamed, baked, or sauteed, I feel a-okay.

When I eat too many sugary foods, my energy is depleted and I get brain fog. When I eat clean, I am way way more awesome and productive.

On my Facebook page, we’ve been talking about ways to feel better in 5 days, and this concept of ‘can’t’ comes into play.

Here’s a little more insight and a way to flip the switch on those ‘can’t’ moments particularly with food. Check out the quick little video.

It’s all about giving you the power to choose. Whether you eat the cake or not, it’s a choice so either own it, or decide to make the choice to do what’s best for you.

Your world will not collapse because you ate cake.  I like cake… mmmm cake! But I don’t want it every time I see it because I know how I will feel, and that’s a much stronger motivational choice for me to have the fruit instead.

So save the cake for special occasions, eat to feel not just good but great, and be ok knowing what works for one person may not work for you.

Now, head to the comments and share with me where you find you are saying “I can’t”. It might not even be food related.

Ditch the dirty word ‘can’t’ and remember to put the power back into your choices.


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