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What your nails are telling you

What your nails are telling you

I remember as a teen how my nails would peel in layers.  I could literally peel little scales away from the tips. Plus all those white spots use to drive me crazy.

Everyone told me I must hit my nails a lot. Yes, I am totally a klutz so I can see how everyone came to that conclusion, but it turns out it was signs of nutritional deficiencies.

I’ve never been one to care about fancy nails. Sorry nail art lovers, it’s just not my thing. I like to keep my nails short. I work on my computer a lot designing and typing, and long nails are a pain in the ass.

The rare time I have let my nails grow longer than I’d like, I end up with self-inflicted Zumba injuries and Taekwon-do slashings done to myself. I think my first aid kit I keep on site has only ever been used on me! Stupid nails.

So when I took control of my nutrition and my health began to improve, I was very happy with the results of my nails except for one thing. They grow even faster than before!

Most people would be thrilled about this. Yes they are stronger and don’t peel anymore, but come on… How often do I have to cut these things?

Sure I can grow long nails in couple of weeks complete with natural white tips (not french manicure white… that be all kinds of weird!). Yes, I have a background in cosmetology so I could totally file, paint, and get all fancy, but I don’t want to. I like the sound of my keyboard to me pushing the keys not my nails clicking on the keys.

I realize I am probably the freak here by not wanting long nails, but I am thrilled they are now healthy, strong nails. I may joke about fast growing nails, but I would certainly take this over the peeling, splitting, and break-if-you-look-at-them nails.

What are your nails saying anything about your health?

Do your nails have any of these signs?

  • brittle
  • soft
  • white spots
  • dry
  • peeling/scaling/splitting
  • ridges

Something as simple as zinc deficiency may result in white spots. Vertical ridges may be from a lack of Vitamin A or calcium. Our skin, hair, and nails will show our health. Pay attention to the subtle signs as they may be telling you a whole lot about your health.

Recognize anything in the list? If so, what have you done about it? Share in the comments any signs you have had and what you did about it.

Besides completely changing the way I look at food and my nutritional routine, I sneak things like pumpkin seeds into everything… very high in Zinc!

Off to trim my nails.  I think I heard them on the keyboard!



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