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What your skin reveals

What your skin reveals

Sometimes, I wish the window to our inner health wasn’t so darn revealing.

I have fought the demon of skin issues for most of my life.

When I was younger, I use to think it was my skin that was the problem. After all, that’s what the TV tell you.

I’ve had numerous procedures done in the past which did nothing but lighten my wallet.

Through my journey to regain my health, I learned one thing the acne companies don’t tell you… your skin is a reflection of what is going on inside, especially on the digestive side.

This made so much sense to me!

I have a digestive auto immune disease – no wonder I have always struggled.

It had nothing to do with washing my face, the products I used, or how many painful procedures I had done. It was simply a reflection that my internal systems needed to be addressed.

I fully believe in taking care of the skin with a fantastic skin regime, but your body will still let you know if you’re doing something it doesn’t like on the inside or if it needs support.

Here are a few examples related to the skin:

  1. Skin rapidly looses moisture, forming wrinkles, or lacking luster
    You may be dehydrated or consuming too much caffeine or alcohol. Nothing flushes your body better than pure water.  A healthy, balanced diet is full of nutrients the skin needs to glow.
  2. Dry cracked ring around the heel of the foot
    Time for a pedicure or maybe your body’s saying you’re low on Essential Fatty Acids. Time to up the good fats.
  3. Acne in the chin, jawline, and cheeks
    A sign your liver may need support, you’re stressed, or possibly have a hormonal imbalance.
  4. Autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis, or skin conditions like acne, eczema, or rosacea
    Heard of leaky gut? Toxins, microorganisms, and undigested food particles, may enter the body through the blood stream by escaping from your intestines. The body attacks these invaders and voila… your skin may pay the price.
  5. Dark circles under the eyes
    This could be as simple as your body needs more rest, a hidden allergy, or perhaps a reevaluation of diet choices as you may not be getting enough nutrients.

The skin is the first thing we see, and it can be very hard on self-esteem.

As hard as it can be sometimes, when you notice changes in the skin or are faced with a particular challenge, there is a bit of gratitude behind it. Your body is speaking to you, calling to you, and saying it needs help.

When my skin flares up, and yes, I still go through spells like everyone else, it is a reminder that I need to take care of me or reach out to those I know can help from the inside out.

Have you ever had skin challenges that were a wake-up call for you? Share with me in the comments below how it impacted you, and what you did about it.


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