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When joints let you down

When joints let you down

Ever notice how we don’t think twice about something until it affects you or a loved one?

That’s pretty much what is happening in our family right now.

What I’m going to share is personal, it is real.

At the age of four, our son was diagnosed with Psoriasis. That doesn’t’ seem like a huge deal, unless you talk to someone who has it badly, but it is a condition he manages daily.

Tons of good fats, lots of body lotion free of all the bad stuff, Epson salt baths, an anti-inflammatory diet, high quality supplements, and even introducing him to Reiki so he would have tools to keep take care of ‘self’.

We have managed quite well over the last few years, but then it all changed.

No his skin didn’t get any worse.  Just his normal up and down flare ups.  This was different.

He came to me one day and said, “my pinky finger hurts”. Coming from a child who is like a walking accident time bomb, I really didn’t think much of it.

Seriously, he had just badly sprained an ankle, a wrist, and broke a foot all in a 6 month time span.

That’s on top of the numerous head smashes including a hairline fracture to the nose, and even a permanent divot in his head from smoking his noggin on the handle of an antique potato plow… yeah, he was told not to play over there… repeatedly.

Can you blame me for thinking he probably just did something to it? I said, let’s see how it is in a few days. There isn’t much they can do for a finger.

Then it began to swell, and it wasn’t stopping.

His finger looked like a sausage.  It was painful, and he couldn’t bend it.

Now my Taekwon-Do loving, Zumba® booty shaking child was in pain every time he wanted to participate in an activity he loved. Hell, he was just off his favourite things for months due to some of the injuries mentioned above.

My son's swollen arthritis finger

It took a few months to get in but, after visiting the peds rheumatoid clinic at the local children’s hospital, we had a diagnoses of Psoriatic Arthritis:  a form of inflammatory arthritis that affects 10-30 percent of those who have psoriasis, according to the National Psoriasis Foundation.

Did I mention it usually doesn’t show up until you’re 30 or 50 not when you are a preteen?

Even before diagnoses, we had a pretty good idea of what they were looking for. His finger was getting so bad, and he was feeling pain in other areas of his body, which I kept shrugging off as growing pains. It’s not like you can live with an ice pack on so we decided to look at something else.

Have you ever known anyone with joint issues? Arthritis of any kind? How about bad knees or joints in general? It is no laughing matter. Ask them how much better things would be if they could just move without pain and discomfort.

We’re a USANA Health Sciences family. Learning what supplements my body needs, changed my world. My son has been these supplements, with great success, most of his life, except for one.

I never had him take anything for joints. Why would I? He’s a kid!

My husband has been taking USANA’s joint formulation, Procosa, for years.  His job requires manual labour and when his hands and wrists hurt, that makes it painful. Trust me, I hear about it if we’ve run out.

So, we put our son on Procosa. About a 6 weeks later, he we was able to bend more and the swelling was reduced.  Was it the glucosamine or the Curcurmin (Turmeric) in the product, or was is a fluke, I didn’t know. But when we ran out for 5 days, we knew. His poor finger went right back to before. It only took a few days, once we had replenished our stock, for things to settle down again.

My son's finger after taking procosa

Why am I telling you all of this? USANA is my product partner, finding them changed everything.  I share this because as I meet more people, as I teach more students, as I see more suffering, how dare I keep this to myself. Shame on me.

My son will always have his autoimmune diseases, but he is learning to take care of himself. As his parent, I will do all I can so he can grow up and live a full life. What he chooses to do when he’s an adult is up to him.

All I can do is empower him with knowledge, self care, great food, get his body moving, and provide all the love in the world.

UPDATE: I am asked all the time how he is doing now. Well, here’s a photo from 6 months after starting Procosa.

Arthritis 6 months after

And here he is 1 year later!

Arthritis 1 year later

Here’s a little video on Procosa and why it’s different.

If you think this might be beneficial for you, contact me directly, or order USANA’s Procosa at a discount through my affiliate account. Just select “Preferred Customer” in the dropdown of the checkout page to automatically receive a discount off retail. If you have been speaking with another USANA Independent Distributor, I encourage you to contact them.

For all those who love to bounce, jump, play, walk in the sun, dance and groove, run for miles, or even have to simply go up flights of stairs, take care of your joints.

I can’t image my son not being able to do what he loves! To think, it wasn’t too long ago he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to go for his black belt, but he did it!

Love your joints. Don’t sit out another dance, or in my son’s case, miss another kick or punch!

Arthritis supplement


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  1. Adeline knisley says:

    This is awesome Karen, Joints pain is so bad and I’m happy that you found something to ease this pain and talk about it.

    Thank you for sharing!


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