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Why I’m a vegetarian hypocrite and I’m ok with it.

Vegetarian Hypocrite.  Take fish oil

In a previous blog, I shared the supplements I would never be without.  The nutritionals (vitamins, minerals, etc.) that I make sure I have every day on top of eating well.

One of the items I revealed was fish oil. As a vegetarian, that’s a very odd thing to say.

Yes, it may seem like I am a hypocrite, but I have my reasons for making this my supplement for EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).

As a vegetarian, I consume lots of plant-based sources of Omegas – flax seeds, chia seeds, and nuts.  They are a staple in my diet.  For me, it is not enough.  My body operates much better with a high quality, pure fish oil in my system.

Some commonly known benefits EPA and DHA may help with are: decrease inflammation, supports vision and cardiovascular health, and aids early childhood development.

Here are the benefits I personally notice:

  • My brain works better.  I feel like I’m in a mental fog if my Omegas are low.  It’s like my brain can’t catch up.
  • My vision is not as blurry.  I have dry eyes and noticed a major difference between a lack of fish oil consumption and my eyes being blurry.
  • My skin is more clear.  My skin always looks the best when I eat properly, exercise, drink a ton of water, and take my fish oil.  Acne breakouts also decrease.
  • My hair is shinier!
  • My joints move better. I use my body a lot.  I teach 6 plus Zumba® fitness classes a week plus train in Taekwon-do.  I can actually feel my joints work better when the Omega’s are higher verses when they are not.

I’ve heard of vegetarians who haven’t been able to completely kick the odd bit of bacon.  For me, it was fish oil, and I’m really OK with it.

Do you take fish oil or are you a vegetarian who takes a fish oil supplement?  How do you feel when you take fish oil or don’t? Tell me in the comments below.



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