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Zumba Fitness with Karen SievwrightWelcome to a unique fitness experience. Welcome to Zumba classes with Karen Sievwright and Sandi Carey. Before we get going, if you are new to Zumba® Fitness, I bet you are thinking a few common things.

  • I’m not coordinated
  • I don’t dance
  • Everyone will be looking at me
  • I don’t think I can do it
  • I’m nervous and have concerns about being able to do it
  • Will anyone be my age?
  • What if I’m the only beginner?

Here’s where we come in. In our Zumba classes, we embrace EVERYONE!

It doesn’t matter if you have two-left feet or have never done a dance step in your life.

In our class, the laughs are abundant and the coordination is optional.

Students tell me they love when I have “random dance solos” because I’m just like them.

We have students of all ages in our Zumba classes with many beginners to the Zumba addicts.  You may start class feeling nervous and unsure, but you will leave as Zumba family!

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Shake whatcha mama

There is only one rule in our Zumba classNO JUDGEMENT.

This is stressed repeatedly. Ask our students, and they will tell you besides the fact they are having so much fun in class, they are 100% included just as they are.

Zumba Fitness Karen Sievwright

Results of class are awesome and I'm rejuvenated for the day. The enthusiasm, friendliness, and fun personalities of Karen and Sandi are addicting. Try it, you'll be hooked like me!

Donna Hayduk

Spring Lake, AB

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Zumba with Karen Sievwright

Friends, students, and clients describe my classes as extremely energetic, passionate, and I have a perma-smile, especially on the Zumba floor.

I truly care about each of you. My classes come from a place of love.

I firmly believe if you don’t like a form of exercise, you will not do it – no matter how much you know it’s good for you. I gave some serious gratitude when Zumba classes came into my life because the gym just doesn’t do it for me.

Our classes are shaking regularly in Stony Plain and Spruce Grove area and in South West Edmonton/Parkland County. These are Zumba classes for anyone who wants to get their groove on, but not be in a traditional work-out environment.

I didn’t start dance fitness (or have any dance experience for that matter) until my mid 30’s. So when people say they can’t dance, I say “You’ll fit right in!”

We are all there to laugh, make friends, and find our inner wannabe-dance goddess.

No two people look the same, even the instructors move in their own unique ways. It’s just a fun hour that will make you shake what your mama gave you, and burning away those calories.

I have a passion for wellness. It’s my path in life. I help others get their energy back with high quality nutritionals and self care tips. On my blog, I share recipes and lifestyle tips to help you keep on rockin’. If you want to know a bit more about me, check out my About Page or read 21 Things You May Not Know About Karen. I’ll tell you 21 things you may not have known that might surprise you.

So what are you waiting for? Come join us and get your groove on!

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I was hooked instantly and put at ease when I was able to see how welcoming everyone was at Zumba. Karen and  Sandi are always full of positive, contagious energy. Thank you to an amazing group that made this 'closet booty shaker' bring her inner sexiness out and love her curves that much more!

Terri Crooks

Stony Plain, AB

Zumba® FAQs

Q: What is Zumba fitness?

A: Zumba is a Latin-inspired fitness class using fun, dance-based choreography. It is an aerobic cardio workout but uses every muscle including the brain! It is meant to feel like a party rather than boring exercise. They literally call it exercise in disguise.

Q: Can I try a class before I join?

A: Absolutely! Drop in is $15, and if you decide to join the rest of the session, we will apply the drop in fee to the registration remaining. 

Q: Do I need prior dance experience?

A: No! I didn’t have any either until I started taking Zumba classes in my mid 30’s. Technically Zumba is not dancing…we just feel like we are. That’s the fun and party feel!

Q: I am not coordinated. How will I be able to do this?

A: Coordination is not required at all! Move to your own groove. Whatever makes you unique – do it!

Q: People are going to look at me. How can I participate if I feel everyone is looking at me?

A: I’ll tell you a secret…the only people being watched in class are me and my fellow instructors. Seriously! You can feel at ease because no other student is looking at or judging you. We have a no judgement rule. Relax and dance like you do in your kitchen!

Q: What if I miss a Zumba class? Can I make it up?

A: You bet! All of our Zumba classes are based on a session. If you miss a class, simply join in at one of our others classes. Make up classes do not carry over to another session so please ensure you get them in before the session is over.

Q: I missed the beginning of a session. Can I still register?

A: You may join a Zumba class at anytime! You have two options: 1) We will either pro-rate the session (up until the last 3 weeks) or 2) if you prefer to have your full 10 classes you may do the ones you missed on another night. Lot’s of Zumba participants go for option 2.

Q: What do I wear? What should I bring?

A: Go for layers. Depending on the facility, it can be chilly when we get going, but you will be stripping in about 5-10 minutes. Zumba clothes are obviously perfect, but so are light-weight fitness clothes such as yoga pants, tank tops, t-shirts, shorts, etc. Shoes should not be too grippy because of all the different ways we move. I find when it comes to shoes you will know after a few classes if you have the right ones. Heavy duty cross trainers can be hard on your knees. Wear what suits you, but please wear CLEAN INDOOR ONLY shoes. Bring water! Drink lots! You may also want to bring a sweat towel.

Q: Do men take Zumba? Will my spouse be able to attend with me?

A: They sure do! Men are totally welcome at Zumba!!

Q: I have old injuries or physical limitations. Can I participate in Zumba class?

A: Zumba is meant for everyone! If there is a move that is not meant for you, don’t do it. It’s that simple. Adjust it for you. Ask an instructor for help as we are able to modify the moves. We always suggest talking to a doctor before participating in any physical fitness routine. If you are concerned, ensure you speak to your physician.

Q: Why do I have to fill out a PAR-Q form each year? Other places do not make me.

A: This is simply a health assessment form with 7 questions assessing your readiness for fitness. It’s for your protection and for insurance purposes. They are only required once per year, but because we have soooo many students, everyone will fill out a new one each September regardless of when they started. Otherwise my brain hurts trying to keep track. As for other facilities or instructors not asking you to do one… I’m playing by the rules.

Q: Do I need to fill out a PAR-med?

A: A PAR-med is required if you answered yes to ANY question on the PAR-Q form. It is filled out by your doctor every 6 months and there is no charge. Again it is for your protection. Better to have the doctor say yes, and then get your buns moving than find out later whatever fitness you chose was not the right one for you.

Q: I'm pregnant. Can I come to Zumba class?

A: Most women may participate in Zumba classes right up until the doctor says, it’s time to rest. If you are pregnant, you must fill out a PARmed-xPREG. This is a form with doctor consent to participate in Zumba.

*Please note that the term “Zumba” throughout this website refers to “Zumba® Fitness”.  ZUMBA® and the Zumba Fitness logo are trademarks of Zumba Fitness, LLC, used under license.

  Zumba® is for Everyone!

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